” A garden brings nature close and brings us closer to nature. “

The client’s wish was a design for the merging of an existing garden with the purchased adjacent municipal land. The residents wanted to be able to enjoy the sun and plenty of attention to privacy several times of the day. The design, therefore, has various seating areas: from a spacious terrace close to home to a more private patio and a number of quiet corners. Places have literally been created to catch your breath. The view from the street is prevented with hedges.

Private garden

‘Room to breathe’

The commission of Tuinvisie Utrecht was to make a modern design with organic forms. In it, they wanted raised borders with corten steel, evergreen plants, and an integrated bench in the border. The ultimate organic form is the cell: the very smallest structure is built from the smallest. Cell-shaped elements are therefore included in the design. This garden was realized in February 2019 and can be viewed in the show garden behind the business location.

Tuinvisie garden

‘The smallest structure’

An asymmetrical layout has been chosen in this small garden. There is a difference in height between the terrace directly behind the house and the path to the rear. There is room for a bench in the back of the garden. Half of the garden is light in deep shade, while the other half gets a lot of sun. That is why an asymmetry has also been applied in the planting that is connected in terms of colour. Furthermore, the planting has been chosen so that the garden is attractive for insects and birds all year round.

Private garden




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