” Every garden offers opportunities to turn it into a personal and modern place that is timeless at the same time  

My working method

I truly enjoy being creative: I like to draw and that’s why I basically make my designs by hand. I offer various options for creating a garden design.

Components of the design process are:


Briefing meeting


Site analysis and survey


Concept plan


Final design; garden layout plan


Perspective drawings / visuals


Planting plan


If so desired - a lighting plan


In a creative process I look for the translation of your wishes into a balanced plan. The location, dimensions and soil type provide the framework for this.


Planting plan

If you like the design of your garden but the planting is not satisfactory, I can make a proposal for new planting. This is also possible for a border or part of the garden.

Project supervision

If desired, I can supervise the implementation of the design and the construction of the garden.



I would like to think along with you about specific questions about design, planting, or ways to make your garden more sustainable.

Charges for a garden design vary according to the work. I offer compact one-day sessions for smaller garden designs or full design processes. Please fill out the contact form on the website for more information.

Garden drawing board session

A plan that you can continue with in one day!

A plan that you can continue with in one day!
We start with a conversation about your wishes, then I start to work out a concept. We discuss the idea around noon (can also be done online). Then I further develop the design. At the end of the day there is a layout plan and planting plan that you can continue with! The garden drawing table session costs € 625.

Complete design process

For larger gardens or public spaces, we discuss in advance how we shape the design process. I will make a suitable quotation. I usually work out two or more detailed concept plans, after a briefing meeting and site survey. We then discuss together which proposal should become the final design. The final design can be delivered including a layout plan, visual impressions, planting plan, a lighting plan and design specifics for tendering.



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