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“In a garden you want to feel safe and inspired, you want to be calmed. The garden is a place for feeling and processing emotions, for telling a story.”

A private garden

Owning a garden is a beautiful thing – but do you also think it’s a beautiful garden?

Terraced house or bungalow, newly constructed or classic: many houses have their own space available for decorating. If you buy an existing home, the garden is usually also laid out. That garden brings a story that you do not know, although it is a story of the place. Which memory are you looking for? What story are we going to make there?

DE ZEEUW GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE designs gardens, advises on adjustments to existing gardens and, if desired, provides guidance for the construction. In every design I strive for a balance between environment and design, with respect for history, nature and culture. I always look for the right personal touch.

No matter how small a garden is, quality can always be found. I try to make a connection between the home and the space around it, and create the stage for the story that the residents want to tell; or create a place where new stories can come about.

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