” With my designs, I hope to be able to offer others a place where they can relax and wonder, and that inspires them, where they can be themselves

About me

A beautiful garden is a source of joy, calm and inspiration for me. I still cherish my memories of my grandmother’s garden, designed by Mien Ruys, and my mother’s garden.

In addition to my work as a project and policy advisor for the rural area, I also studied Garden Architecture at the Design Academy (2018-2019). In 2019 I founded DE ZEEUW GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE.

With my designs, I hope to offer others a place where they can relax and be amazed, and that inspires them, where they can be themselves. It is also important for me to work with living plant material. A green garden is beneficial for people and contributes to a better living environment.

DE ZEEUW GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE is open to collaborating with others. For the execution and installation of my designs, I work together with freelance gardeners.

My design vision

Every garden offers opportunities to turn it into a personal and modern place that is timeless at the same time. That calms or activates you. That inspires. That makes a connection between the environment and the context in which the garden is located.

In addition, a garden is a place where you can experience the seasons, the weather, the natural course of things up close. I also want to show that in my designs.

Creativity meets technology and every design assignment is a particularly interesting challenge that gives me a lot of energy!

What is important to me;

Looking at context, space and natural processes

Inspire and be inspired

Telling personal stories

Choosing for sustainability



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